LEGO Christmas at MaMere's

LEGO Christmas at MaMere’s

LEGO Little Library in December

Olaf the snowman and his winter friends have come to our resident LEGO Little Library and they have added the cherry to the top of our award winning luminous light display. They pulled out all the stops for a dazzling Christmas complete with mistletoe, lights, presents, and a glorious LEGO Christmas tree. Even Batman couldn’t resist the holiday cheer and made sure he was the center of attention in a way you’ll have to see for yourself.

Though some of his cohorts may be clumsy (that ladder looks like it should be underneath that guy hanging lights) or oblivious (someone tell Santa his sleigh is slipping!), everyone is in high spirits at MaMere’s little library as we come into the station of this rollercoaster that was 2020. A warm glow falls softly on a book inside the library that will be the perfect fit next to your favorite heat source on a chilly (and probably wet) evening. We find small assistant innkeepers and soft kitties are excellent snuggle buddies when they aren’t helping build or destroy our next LEGO creation.

If you’re familiar with the world of LEGOs then you know just how versatile a medium it can be for your imagination. We try to have a different theme every month but we love hearing what people like to see in LEGO form. Come by MaMere’s LEGO little library, snap a pic and tag us on Instagram, and tell us what you would like to see next! You may even win a prize while you contribute to a world of possibilities. Merry Christmas!!