A History of our Historic Willamette Valley Bed and Breakfast

The History of MaMere's Guest House

From Boarding House to Bed and Breakfast

The Historic Howell House

The Historic Howell House, now home to MaMere’s Guest House, was built in 1891 by John Howell after moving to Monmouth to educate their children at Oregon Normal School (now Western Oregon University). The house displays Howell’s craftsmanship and serves as a kind of advertising for his trade. 

Howell’s Hall

After Susan Howell runs several boarding houses near the college, the Howell’s home becomes Howell’s Hall and accepts the overflow of students from the university in the 1917. Howell Hall becomes a campus entity in 1924. Monthly rent for a double room in 1938 was $5 per person. Daughter Susie takes over operation of the house in 1942. The monthly rent for a single room in 1956 was $12.50.

Falling into Disrepair

Susie dies in 1962 and Howell House is sold to several subsequent owners. Boarders continue until 1984 when the city of Monmouth seeks to condemn Howell House due to years of disrepair. 

The Howell House remains vacant until 1986.

A New Life, Under Renovation

Clint and Sandy Boylan

In 1986, Clint and Sandy Boylan purchase the house for $25,000 and, along with their 4 sons, reconstruct Howell House and make dramatic changes to the historic home. The Boylans were able to salvage pieces of molding and framing from another John Howell house on Ridell Road for use in the Knox St house restoration. The Howell House is listed on the National Historic Register of Historic Places in 1987. The Boylans run the Victorian-style Howell House B&B from 1988 to 2002.

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Western University Boarding House

Carey Madden purchases the Howell House in 2002 and returns it to back to its boarding house roots. WOU students and artists take up residence.

Howell House becomes MaMere’s B&B

In 2007, Terri Gregory purchases the Howell House and renews it both structurally and stylistically into a New Orleans inspired Bed & Breakfast – MaMere’s B&B.

The Altland/McNulty family

The Altland/McNulty family takes over ownership and management of MaMere’s Guest House in 2016 and continues to protect and preserve this important piece of Monmouth’s history.

Brother and sister duo, Eli & Emily, will be your hosts during your stay at MaMere’s.