Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival – Woodburn, Oregon

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival – Woodburn, Oregon

Less than an hour from Monmouth

One of our family’s favorite things to do this time of year is visit the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival just outside of Woodburn, Oregon. Less than an hour from Monmouth and MaMere’s Guest House, it is always colorful and always fun! We have made it a yearly tradition since moving to Oregon in 2007. The great thing about the tulip fields is that they are quite beautiful no matter the weather, though this year we lucked out and got a perfect sunny day! So along with hundreds of our closest friends, we took a break from MaMere’s and headed to the festival this past weekend. My recommendation – go early, especially on a sunny day and when the tulips are in full bloom, so you don’t have to fight the traffic.

It was particularly special this year as Olivia really seemed to appreciate it. I can see how each year we will discover more and more of what the festival has to offer. This year, we jumped in mud puddles (don’t forget to wear your rain boots!), practiced our “cheese” smiles, and rode in the cow wagon. If you have older kids, there are tons of activities – though be prepared to pay a bit.

We got there about 11am, did the obligatory initial photo shoot, and had lunch. There are food vendors, but you can also bring a picnic lunch. Once we enjoyed our pulled pork sandwich, checked out the craft vendors, and watched the ponies we were ready to brave more pictures and tulip gazing. There are a multitude of colors…something to fit everyone’s fancy!

If you don’t have time this year (it will wrap up the end of this month), I highly recommend checking out the Tulip Festival! It was Eli’s first time and he gave it two thumbs up. 🙂

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