Innkeeping and Whole 30

Innkeeping and Whole 30

Innkeeping and Whole 30

As an innkeeper, we get guests with all types of different dietary restrictions. No dairy, no eggs, no sugar, no gluten, etc. And we always do our best to create a breakfast that is tasty and meets their dietary needs. This has pushed my culinary skillset and forced me to get more creative than ever before in the kitchen. I like to cook and I LOVE to bake, but I am not formally trained in this area and am learning as I go. And I have enjoyed every minute! (Although it is helpful when guests tell you their dietary restrictions before they arrive– not a few minutes before breakfast…J). Yet, I am the first to admit that I initially had the mindset that to create a delectable breakfast, healthy options are put on the backburner for overall taste.

Yet, why must these two things be mutually exclusive? Healthy and amazing food can be used to describe the same dish. So, what has brought me to this conclusion…

Over the last month, Mike and I have been on the Whole 30 journey and this has really opened my eyes and I am developing a new (and healthier) relationship with food. And as an unintended side effect, it is starting to impact my cooking at MaMere’s Guest House. In a nutshell, the concept behind Whole 30 is to eat foods that are whole and unprocessed and cut out sugar, dairy and grains for at least 30 days. And boy, this is easier said than done…especially when part of your job is to cook breakfast and sweet treats daily. But we are doing it, and I have stayed true even while baking cherry cowboy cookies, blueberry muffins or fresh waffles with a robust topping bar for our guests.

Breakfast at MaMere's
Dehydrating cherries
Home Made Muffins

So yes, I am still baking treats and goodies (because you should get something special when you stay at a B&B!). But I am also incorporating more veggies like spinach and sweet potatoes into our dishes. I am rethinking the oils we use and getting more creative with spices. I am playing with our recipes and using natural sweeteners where it makes sense. We have always tried to use locally sourced food and seasonal options wherever possible, but I am getting even braver in my use of these ingredients. And you know what? I am finding it is enhancing our menu, things are more flavorful, and guests love it! Our recipe list for guests with dietary restrictions is growing and I feel more confident in creating something wonderful to meet various needs.

So is being a innkeeper and doing Whole30 easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes, I think so. For my family and hopefully also for our guests.

Don’t worry though…I still bake amazing coconut pecan banana bread, cinnamon roll coffee cake and chocolate chip cookie bars. But you also might find sweet potato crusted quiche, yogurt parfaits with homemade granola and more avocados at the breakfast table. And I think you will love it!