Hospitality & Health – our B&B policies and tips from our favorite housekeeper!

Hospitality & Health – our B&B policies and tips from our favorite housekeeper!

Hospitality & Health – our B&B policies and tips from our favorite housekeeper!

As we inch our way towards Polk County, Oregon moving into Phase 2, we wanted to take a minute and talk about hospitality and health in a Covid World.

People are starting to think about traveling for leisure again, and we want to assure you that you can feel safe AND relax at your favorite small B&B.

These are unique and unprecedented times we are living in.  In this age of technology and knowledge, more advanced than ever before, it still comes down to our very human creature comforts.  Our choice of overnight accommodations can still make or break a vacation or work trip, whether it’s how fluffy the pillows are, how your breakfast is prepared and served with a smile, or how close other conveniences are to meet your needs.  We value your health and peace of mind, and part of making a guest feel honored and welcomed is making sure your stay with us is healthy and safe, as well as comfortable and relaxing.  It can be hard to release the stress of the day and settle in on the comfy pillows with your choice of book or movie from our library, if you’re constantly worried about how clean the remote control is, or who last touched the coffeepot.

hand sanitizerThe attributes that make us unique and exclusive are the same attributes that can allay those concerns – we are proud of the cozy atmosphere you can experience here.  Our small staff, primarily family, helps minimize and contain the type of contact that’s more likely at a larger hotel (#staysmallstaysafe). We know exactly who touched the coffeepot last, when that remote was cleaned, and who fluffed your pillow and when.  And we’re happy to provide our recommendations on that book or movie, too.  The personal touch we employ to spoil on our guests with fresh, from-scratch breakfasts in a comforting, homelike environment will carry over to the bathtub’s scrubbing so your bubble bath will be perfect, and the bed made with freshly laundered sheets, so you can sink down and sleep like a baby, leaving your cares at the door.  Our guests’ health and comfort have always been our highest priority.  It’s good to know that some things don’t have to change in our ever-changing world.

MaMere’s Guest House Hospitality & Health Update

We wanted to let you know all of the things we are doing to ensure you can relax AND feel safe throughout your stay.

  1. All of our staff sign off daily to ensure they have no symptoms (such as fever or loss of smell) before entering the B&B.  If they are sick, we guarantee they will not be working, BUT will still be paid.
  2. Staff will be wearing masks when at the B&B. And we encourage guests to do the same in common areas.
  3. We have instated a 24-hour buffer between guests in each room to give our staff time to air it out and deep clean after every single guest.
  4. We have waived our cancellation policy for the time being. So, if you are sick, don’t come. Instead postpone your visit for a later date.
  5. We are currently limiting the number of rooms available, to ensure we keep our numbers of guests small.
  6. Only CDC recommended cleaning products are being used.
  7. Keys are sanitized between each guest.
  8. Signage has been put out to remind all guests about the importance of social distancing.
  9. We will NOT be providing daily room cleanings, unless you request it.
  10. All magazines/brochures have been removed from individual rooms, but we are happy to provide you copies upon request.
  11. Hand sanitizer is available in every room of MaMere’s Guest House. And we encourage frequent handwashing by guests and staff.
  12. In the common areas, sanitizing takes place twice a day.
  13. When at all possible, self-check-in is encouraged to limit interaction.
  14. We are currently waiving our cancellation policy for the foreseeable future.
  15. If guests grab a book, DVD, or game from the study – we ask that they leave it in their room and we will ensure it is sanitized for future guests.
  16. Instead of family style meals and treats, we are providing individual servings at meals and cookie jars in each room…so you don’t have to share!
  17. If the weather is nice, we encourage guests to enjoy our back courtyard for some fresh air to aid in social distancing!
  18. We are learning as we go, and we recalibrate daily to the evolving situation. Our overall mission is that you feel safe and comfortable during your stay! Read further for some tips for our favorite Housekeeper!

Cleaning Tips from Kim (Housekeeper Extraordinaire)

“It struck me today, as I was sanitizing the house in preparation for welcoming our next guests, that it felt a lot like cleaning up after a toddler had been through a room!  Humans touch everything. We all know to clean the toilet and mop the floor, but the little things like lamp/light switches, doorknobs, remote controls (and by this same token, or cell phones), coffeepot handles, and cupboard edges/knobs are some of the many little things that get touched on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.  Going over these with a CDC approved sanitizing cleaner and a cloth is a quick way to help eliminate sharing unwanted germs.

Those same sanitizing products can be so harsh on our skin, especially hands.  A good pair of rubber gloves help keep them protected, not just from cleaning germy places like the bathroom (ask me about that after raising sons!), but keeps those harsh chemicals from damaging the largest organ on our bodies that absorbs everything.  They can be your choice of latex gloves, or kitchen rubber gloves, but protecting your hands will help prolong your health and comfort.

Innkeepers wearing facemasksIt can feel overwhelming to tackle cleaning- I’ve especially found this to be true as many of us are either required to stay quarantined at home, or just don’t have all the job and activities to go to, since they’ve all been cancelled or downsized for the time being, and thus just have more time to see all that needs to be done around the house.  It can help to just tackle it logically, one small piece at a time, by working top to bottom, and left to right.  Starting at the top by dusting picture frames, fan blades, window frames, etc., before working downward to cleaning windows, wiping countertops, clearing tables, and then vacuuming and mopping floors, will help keep the dust & grime moving in the same direction you’re working, and not have it falling on clean surfaces and only doubling your work.”

We are #stillinnbusiness. And look forward to hosting you soon!

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