Health & Safety Statement – For COVID purposes

Coping with COVID-19 at MaMere’s Guest House

Coping with COVID-19 at MaMere’s Guest House

Dear Guests, 

Thank you for choosing to stay at a small, independent B&B during these uncertain times. We wanted to let you know all of the things we are doing, out of an abundance of caution, to ensure you can relax and feel safe throughout your stay. 

  • All of our staff sign off daily to ensure they have no symptoms (such as fever or loss of smell) before entering the B&B.  If they are sick, we guarantee they will not be working, BUT will still be paid. 
  • Our innkeepers are fully vaccinated!
  • Only CDC recommended cleaning products are being used. 
  • Keys are sanitized between each guest.  
  • Signage has been put out to remind all guests about the importance of social distancing. 
  • If not fully vaccinated, we ask that guests please wear their masks in common spaces. If you are vaccinated, you are welcome to remove your mask after showing us confirmation of your vaccination, but please still socially distance from other parties. 
  • Guests from different groups will not eat at the same table at the same time. Guests will eat breakfast at different times or we will set up an additional table in the study or enjoy breakfast outside. 
  • We will NOT be providing daily room cleanings, unless you request it. There are extra trash bags in each trash can and you can leave full bags outside your room for disposal. Just let us know if you need anything! 
  • All magazines/brochures have been removed from individual rooms, but we are happy to provide you a copy upon request. 
  • Hand sanitizer is available in every room of MaMere’s Guest House. 
  • In the common areas, sanitizing takes place regularly for high touch areas. 
  • For COVID related cancellations, we are currently waiving our cancellation policy for the foreseeable future. 
  • If you grab a book, DVD, or game from the study – please just leave it in your room when you leave and we will ensure it is sanitized for future guests. 
  • If you touch a dish, please leave it in the kitchen sink for us to properly clean and sanitize; even if you don’t end up using it.
  • As soon as a guest leaves, we go in and open the windows to air out prior to deep cleaning the room. EVERY SINGLE piece of linen gets washed between each guest.
  • If the weather is nice, we encourage you to enjoy our back courtyard for some fresh air to aid in social distancing! And feel free to open your windows in your room. 

We are learning as we go, thanks for your patience as we continue to recalibrate to the evolving situation. 


Emily & Eli 

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