4 ways to prepare and preserve Oregon Strawberries

4 ways to prepare and preserve Oregon Strawberries

4 ways to prepare and preserve Oregon Strawberries

Little girl eating Oregon StrawberriesIt is STRAWBERRY TIME in Oregon! And there really is no question, Oregon strawberries are the best. This year Mike, Olivia, Eli and I went out the first day u-pick was available at our favorite field and picked 32 pounds of glorious, red, ripe strawberries. In other words, we picked Olivia’s weight in strawberries. I also think she might have eaten her weight in strawberries. Although, she was more interested in playing in the dirt and making (and eating?) mud pies than picking them herself.

This year, picking strawberries had a new meaning for us. We weren’t just picking for us…we were picking for  YOU…our future guests at MaMere’s Guest House. And boy do we have some good strawberry themed breakfast recipes. But to enjoy those…you will just have to come stay a night or two with us!

Picking Oregon Strawberries
Car full of Strawberries

Here are our favorite ways to prepare and preserve strawberries.

  • Fresh – I mean really who can argue? You just can’t beat fresh strawberries. They are amazing by themselves, in cereal, with yogurt or my personal favorite…on fresh baked pound cake with a dollop of whip cream and a couple dollops of Oregon’s very own Tillamook Vanilla Ice Cream.
  • Frozen – this take dedication and time up front, but then you get to enjoy them in smoothies, in Oregon triple berry syrup for our mini German pancakes or on top of fresh baked waffles in November or December.
  • Dehydrated – ok, this is a lot of work. You have to clean, core and slice and it doesn’t make a lot, but boy oh boy do I enjoy dehydrated strawberries in the winter. Our favorite recipe to use them is in our homemade granola. I can smell it now…
  • And last, but certainly not least, Jam. – have you made jam before? It is seriously easy and you can enjoy a jar of strawberry jam any time of the year. I know, not too imaginative, but let’s not mess with a sure thing.

So get out and get your Oregon strawberries! Or come visit MaMere’s Guest House and enjoy some of our favorite strawberry recipes. ☺

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